Ticket Prices

Tickets for this event will be £140 (to be paid in 4 x £35 instalments over a year). We would also like to offer the chance to pay a ticket price of £160 (to be paid in 4 x £40 instalments over a year), with the extra money funding more half price tickets for those players who would otherwise not be able to come.

Ticket Sales and Release Times

We are expecting high demand for tickets and have limited availability. As such we will release tickets on a staggered basis with a set cutoff date for each batch, and these times will be publicised here and on Facebook. Those names then will be drawn by random lottery and the player will receive confirmation of their place. Half price tickets will be even more limited, an initial offering of 4 will be funded by the event organisers and any further releases will depend on the generosity of other players.

Why are we doing it like this?

In the interests of transparency, the break-even for player tickets is £134. If we offer this in instalments via PayPal, PayPal will take a cut of just under £6, hence the £140 standard price. For every 3-4 people who are prepared to pay the higher price, we're able to offer a half price ticket to somebody who would otherwise have had to say no, or can be used to cover the cost of a non-playing carer to join them.

But what if my travel partner doesn't get a ticket in the lottery?

If you would be unable to attend unless another player also gets a ticket (for example if they are your carer or vice versa, or you need them there for travel arrangements), we will allocate your tickets as a pair, entering that single pair once into the lottery.