Faction/Secret Society Objectives

    Each faction has a specific set of broad aims and objectives, summed up in a few words. This should act as a guide as to the sorts of deals you might like to make, and the resources you might like to trade for. Faction objectives are deliberately broad to allow you flexibility in what you want to do to increase your faction's standing.

    As a member of a secret society, your society objectives will be included with your player pack. Note that many secret societies aim to increase their membership. If you have inducted another character into your secret society, please inform a referee so they can be provided with the same information.

    Faction Objectives
    Orléans Defend and expand the colonies overseas.
    Spread religion to the colonies.
    Marseille Create international trade routes.
    Broaden your trade portfolio into many different goods.
    Bordeaux Maintain civil order and peace.
    Root out freemasons and rabblerousers.
    Lorraine Create monopolies on trade goods.
    Remove foreigners from power in France.
    The Clergy Root out heretics and heathens.
    Control art and culture.
    L'Illuminé Spread knowledge to the masses.
    Undermine l'ancien regime.
    The Military Encourage war for glory and promotion.
    God save the King.

    Personal Objectives

    Every player also has a personal objective which is much more precise. This should be a specific goal that is achievable within the next year. Note that your personal objective may not necessarily coincide with your faction objectives, or other factions and societies may be more willing to help you achieve your goal.