A Game of Political Intrigue and Courtly Manners

France, 1750.

King Louis XV rules the country, but doubts himself at every turn. In the absence of a Chief Minister, he is easily led by the factions at court, by his mistresses, his cardinals, and his sycophants, while he would rather be hunting or in bed with his latest favourite instead of running the country. The perfect opportunity for the wily courtier to press their agenda, achieve their political ends, and in doing so raise their own social status to become the real power behind the throne.

Le Deuxième État ('the second estate' or the nobility in l'ancien regime) is a single-event LARP where the players take the role of courtiers in King Louis XV's court, using everything in their power from trading deals to blackmail to achieve their objectives and rise in status.

The event is due to run in July 2020 in Staffordshire, UK, and is specifically designed to be fully accessible to all players.

Tickets for this event will be £140 (to be paid in 4 x £35 instalments over a year). We would also like to offer the chance to pay a ticket price of £160 (to be paid in 4 x £40 instalments over a year), with the extra money funding more half price tickets for those players who would otherwise not be able to come.

We are expecting high demand for tickets and have limited availability. As such we will release tickets on a staggered basis with a set cutoff date for each batch, and these times will be publicised here and on Facebook. Those names then will be drawn by random lottery and the player will receive confirmation of their place. Half price tickets will be even more limited, an initial offering of 4 will be funded by the event organisers and any further releases will depend on the generosity of other players.

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